About SCT

Simulation and Control Technologies, Inc. (SCT) is an upstate New York-based company specializing in control-loading and motion platform systems. SCT has 30+ years’ experience creating new electric systems as well as refurbishing existing electric and hydraulic systems. SCT provides a wide variety of simulation applications, from fixed and rotary wing aircraft to automotive, electric boat and rescue simulators.

Since its inception in 1990, SCT has fielded thousands of electric control-loading channels and hundreds of refurbished hydraulic control-loading systems. SCT introduced motion platform systems into its product line in 2014 and has successfully built and updated numerous 6-DOF trainers. SCT has a standard product portfolio of actuators, mechanical linkages, software packages and can also create a custom control-loading or motion platform solution for any training or development environment, with control and motion hardware resolutions ranging from FAA FTD Level 4 to FAA Level D.

All of SCT’s products are backed by same-day phone or e-mail support, with long-term service and support available.

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